The Wilderness Destroys Codependence

The Lord said in Jeremiah 17:5,6 that He uses the desert to deal with codependence, people-pleasing, and fear of man. Of all ministries, the prophetic is probably most easily polluted by codependence. Stories litter the Old Testament of false prophets telling people what they wanted to hear simply to gain their approval. They muddied the oracle of the Lord, prophesying from their imaginations and emotions.

Many, if not most, of our desert experiences pertain to people--their rejection, persecution, gossip, misunderstanding, non-spiritualness, indifference, mockery. God thrust us into this desert because we care too much! Oh how quickly our heat would turn to cool waters if we would only become de-peopled! We all have a human need to be loved and affimed by others. This is not wrong. This basic need morphs into a sinful obsession when our emotional wellness is tied to people and their reactions more than to God. A prophesier must be so de-peopled that he senses a free-flowing confidence to be, say, and do whatever he needs. God will loose the desert dogs on us until we simply do not care anymore.

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